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Whether it’s a gap between teeth, a cracked or chipped tooth, or some other dental concern that’s playing on the back of your mind, fortunately, there are innovative solutions. At Vanguard and Achury Dental in Garden City, Long Island, and Jackson Heights, Queens, qualified dentists, Camilo Achury, DDS, and Diva Puerta, DDS, offer dental bridges and other treatment options to improve the damaged look of your smile and boost aesthetics and functionality. Book your personal consultation using the booking tool or call either office in New York City today.

Bridges Q & A

What is a dental bridge?

Dental bridges are designed to bridge the gap left by missing teeth. A bridge can permanently connect your artificial tooth to dental implants or adjacent teeth. 

Bridges can be made from a variety of materials, such as porcelain, metal, gold, alloys, or a combination.

If you have one missing tooth that’s leaving a gap, a bridge is typically made up of two crowns that your dentist places on top of your natural teeth on each side of the gap.

What are the different types of bridges?

There are several different types of bridges available. Your dentist can work with you to decide which of the below is right for you: 

Traditional fixed bridges

Traditional fixed bridges are typically derived from porcelain that’s fused to metal or ceramics. A traditional fixed bridge involves a filler tooth or teeth and two or more crowns. The crowns can effectively secure your bridge in place.

 The specifics of your bridge procedure depend on the type of bridge. You typically need two or more dental visits for traditional fixed bridges. 

Your dental team numbs your teeth, removes a portion of enamel, and gets your two anchoring teeth ready for your crown. They create an impression of your teeth and send it to a dental lab, which creates your bridge. 

It typically takes about two weeks or less for the dental lab to create your crown. Your dentist might give you a temporary bridge to wear in the interim. During your second visit, they carefully cement your bridge in place.

Maryland bonded bridges

Maryland bonded bridges typically consist of porcelain fused to metal teeth. The metal teeth are securely supported by a metal framework. The Maryland bonded bridge involves one artificial tooth that’s carefully bonded to a set of wings on either side.

Dental implants

If you don’t have enough teeth to support your bridge or if you don’t have healthy teeth, Vanguard and Achury Dental might suggest surgically placing dental implants. 

A dental implant is essentially an artificial titanium tooth root that your dentist inserts into your jawbone as an effective replacement for your natural tooth root. The implant anchors and holds your artificial tooth or bridge in place.

Cantilever bridges

Cantilever bridges work when there are only teeth on one side of the missing tooth.

Why would I choose a dental bridge?

Your dentist might suggest a dental bridge to:

  • Maintain your facial shape
  • Prevent your remaining teeth from drifting out of place over time
  • Fill the space between missing teeth
  • Improve or restore your ability to chew or speak
  • Restore your smile

If you’re interested in how dental bridges can work wonders for your smile and dental health, call or click to book online.